The Brothers's Tapes

by Woehrwolf

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A couple of songs I wrote for each of my brothers. They're some of the first songs I ever wrote. The other two tracks are my very talented brothers themselves. Perhaps this serves as a reminder that they are, in point of fact, quite talented.


released May 28, 2017

recorded the night before christmas (mostly), in my mom's basement



all rights reserved


Woehrwolf Binghamton, New York

Sometimes I feel like I'm a vampire on my 100th birthday.

That's a picture of my gramps. He'd be about a hundred right now

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Track Name: Bird Dust
we shed our wings for bigger things,
bigger bodies bigger brains
and we've got planes, but we'll never ever be the same
the blue jays bullied us and we weren't tough enough so we sold our souls for slingshots and heavy stones

saw a sparrow a month ago, flying home from his mom's nest
barely stopped to chirp "hi" to his dad cause he had bigger worms to catch.
and i miss that

I've got burrito nose cause its snowing and the wind's blowing cold
but the oldest crow still knows you've got to role role role
and i want to role down a hill in the snow and solve pointless math equations
but math is homework now and I'm too cold for that
math is homework now, and where my snowpants at?

I want to be a super smash brother again and swordfight in the backyard until i hit one of your fingers too hard and we have to fight for real
we should have never left the branches
we should have never killed the trees
we should have never joined the ants and started world war three
in the attic.
my tank driver's emphatic
and so he's only made of lego, but those mine fields feel oh so real on our bare toes.

so we've gotta get back
i really want to get back to that
movies and tv show reviews are alright, but I'd rather fight
we've got to make it a mission,
maybe its just a sidequest
its "a mission of galactical importance" to me

we shed our wings for bigger things
bigger bellies, bitter brains
but the whole time, we never had to chan(ge)
Track Name: Song for the Equivocal
you ever feel like a loser?
do you ever feel like you're really very small
you ever want to do nothing
do you want to do anything at all

I think I want to do something,
but does it have to be only one thing?
I want to be a bad guy
secret hideout with some henchmen to call my own

I often feel like I am drowning
like every night in my dreams when I was young
static and fuzz and whisper shouting
and spinning squares and harmonicas

I'm lying in my bed I gotta follow the knight
hes running up the stares and I've got a knife
but if I don't move then they can't catch me,
cause shadow monsters need motion to see
and they still scare me

When I was a kid I had these visions
like every time that I'd close my eyes
if I could just stop the shape from spinning
then everything might finally be alright

I've got my eyes closed tight and I'm trying to fight this button through the hole but it wont fit right
I'm losing all control and its making me feel like i'm in a dream and asleep at the wheel
I'm gonna die in a car crash

ever feel like you're worthless
like nothing you've ever done was worth it
and everyone was just lying to your face
guess that means that they like you in any case

I tend to feel like i'm failing.
not even in school, but I'm flailing out
its a familiar feeling
probly shake it by sleeping on the couch

I don't know what I want to do with my life and I won't presume to know what you want from yours
I just want to know that you know I know how it feels to fear the people you adore

I don't know what I want to do with my life and I won't presume to know what you want from yours
I'm done takings sides being the bitchy brother I've been,
but the least that you could do
is do some chores